The journey to easy, meaningful and effective product recommendations starts with Visely

Install Application
Visely App Install

Your journey with Visely begins with installation from Shopify app store. The process is simple, easy and straighforward.

You take note of the few permissions Visely needs to start working.

Visely App Install
Visely Overview
Overview Onboarding

As you install Visely, you are able to follow the onboarding process from the overview screen. Onboarding duration varies as it depends on the size of your catalog and order history.

Visely keeps you informed as it progresses through various stages of onboarding.

Setup Widgets

You don't wait for onboarding to finish in order to start customising your Visely application. You go to Theme Preferences and start adding product recommendation widgets to your Shopify store pages.

Choose the theme you want to add the recommendation widgets to, continue by enabling the widget, customising its title, the number of products to display, total number of products in the widget and configuring the information to display like product image, product name and product price.

When you save the configuration, Visely applies it to the Shopify theme you selected.

Preview Configuration

By now Visely has likely finished indexing your product catalog, you check the overview page for the "Product indexing successfully completed" message.

Indexing for product did indeed finish, so you preview your Visely customised widgets on your selected theme.

Explore Products

Your Visely journey continues with Explainer. You search for a product you are interested in finding out more about. Visely displays the product recommendations for the product you searched for.

You clearly see what products the shoppers bought together with it, what products shoppers viewed before buying, what products are visually similar to it and what products are similar to it based on textual content like name and description.

Control Recommendations

You decide that it is perhaps better not to display a few products as recommendations for the one you searched for.

You exclude these products from recommendations, with the option to put them back in later if you need to.

Pin Products

The product you searched for is actually one of your best selling ones, and you believe that it would be a good opportunity to pin a few other products.

You use Visely to set up these products as pinned products in the You May Also Like widget.

Realtime Stats
Visely Realtime Stats

After you configure the Visely recommendation widgets on your published theme, you go to Statistics page and follow your shoppers in real time as they interact with Visely recommendations, click on the product recommendations , add them to cart and proceed to checkout.

As shoppers purchase your products you see the revenue Visely generates in real time.

Thanks for your interest. We'll get in touch soon.