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Boost your sales with personalized in-store and email recommendations.

Free trial for 14 days
Free trial for 14 days
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Experience personalized product recommendations built to take your Shopify business to the next level.

Grow your revenue

Grow your revenue

Grow your store. Boost your sales with personalized in-store and email recommendations. Grow your revenue with Visely by turning casual browsing users into paying customers. Maximize the value of every visit to your store.

Uncover your catalog

Build your business case

Craft recommendations into a custom business case scenario with upsells, cross-sells, tag based recs, rules, pins, i18n, emails and more.

Save time

Save time

Start immediately. Offer intelligent, relevant recommendations with hassle-free configuration and customization.

Shopper behavior analysis
Shopper behavior analysis

With each product view and purchase Visely will learn more about your products and customers, automatically adjusting recommendations to maximize the revenue generation.

Shopper behavior analysis
Image based recommendations
Image based recommendations
Image based recommendations

Unique to Visely, product image analysis algorithm will find both explicit and hidden relationship between products in your catalog. It does this by using object, pattern and scene recognition.

Explore and understand your catalog
Explore and understand your catalog

Use our Explainer tool, unique to Visely, to explore relationships between products in your catalog. Visualize how these relate to each other based on content, product tags, shopper behavior and image analysis data. You will now clearly see why You May Also Like widget from Visely is displaying certain products as recommendations.

Explore and understand your catalog
Take control of recommendations
Take control of recommendations
Take control of recommendations

Setup, configure and customise Visely on your store using our highly intuitive configuration tool. Choose which Shopify theme you want to install the recommendations to. Customise to adapt to your store look and feel. Easily preview the result.

Real time analytics dashboard
Analytics Dashboard

Visely makes it easy to follow your shoppers in real time as they use your store. In addition Historical Data is also available to help you understand trends and usage patterns. Views, clicks, additions to cart and purchases, and revenue generated via Visely are available in real time.

Analytics Dashboard

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Our Widgets

  You May Also Like

Display intelligent recommendations for a product. Don't fatigue your customer with overcrowded widgets on product details page when you can use just one.

  Frequently Bought Together

Offer products that were bought together with the products currently in the shoppers cart. This is a perfect upselling tool.

  Most Popular

Show the most popular products on the store to your customers. This is a good starting point for customers to explore your catalog.

  Trending Now

Engage your visitors by showing what products other people are viewing. Display hot products as determined by recent views.

  New Arrivals

Showcase the newest products in store. Now the visitors of your store will always be aware of the brand new products you are offering.

  Recently Viewed

Remind shoppers of products they have considered buying. Help them reconsider and make that purchase.

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Boost your sales by 5% to 15%



  • In-Store Recommendations
  • Automatic Multivariate Testing
  • Realtime Catalog Synchronization
  • White-glove Service
  • Up to 1 million requests

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Everything in Growth plus

  • Personalized Recommendations in Email
  • Customized Recommendations
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Advanced Styling & UX
  • Designated Support
  • Up to 5 million requests

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Everything in Premium plus

  • Personalized Recommendations
  • Content Recommendations
  • Rules-based Recommendations
  • Dedicated Infrastructure
  • Unlimited traffic


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Our customers love Visely

Absolutely love working with the Visely team! The white glove service is amazing, have had so much done to have things match our store perfectly - nothing is too much trouble. Couldn't recommend highly enough.

Sheree from Salon Style

When we started out with Visely, it delivered a very respectable conversion rate of 5%. Now its conversion rate for our stores is an incredible 13% on average. This is beyond anything we've seen with other apps.

Nicholas from NIKIN

Fantastic app! Our ROI increased almost 30%! The solution is very stable and does not slow down our website. The UX is very neat. Without a doubt, the app improved our customers web experience. Customer service is also excellent!

Jean-Guy from Shopabi

We migrated our store's product recommendations from NOSTO to Visely and have been extremely impressed. The engine is fantastic but even more important, the Visely team is amazing! I highly recommend using the app!!

Alex from Bariatric Pal

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