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Boost revenue with Visely Search by providing relevant search results to your customers.

Free trial for 7 days
Free trial for 7 days
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Visely Search helps your store grow increasing customer engagement by providing relevant search results to the website visitors.


Navigating across multiple collections and variants can be daunting. Not anymore! Visely provides you with advanced tools that will help you configure filters based on:

  • Collections
  • Tags
  • Variant Options
  • Product Type
  • Vendor
Pins and Excludes
Pin & Exclude

Advanced Visely Search algorithms will provide the most relevant search results to your site visitors. If you need to promote or exclude products for selected search terms - we got you covered. Pin & Exclude provides you with just that. Promoting and hiding products has never been easier.

Redirect Rules

You can create redirect rules to match any search term to a product, landing page, collection or any other available content on your site. Turn your search bar into a fully functional navigation tool for the website.

Redirect Rules
Realtime Analytics

Powerful analytics tools that will show you which search terms are most popular and what products are most searched across your catalog. Do not miss the opportunity to enhance your product description with "No results" terms.

Developer Friendly

Visely Search is highly extensible and customizable. Your development team has access to several options when it comes to extending and customizing functionality:

  • Subscribing to Visely Search events.
  • Wrapping and extending response payloads.
  • Calling Visely Search API to build custom ui components.
Developer Friendly

Our Price Plans



Best for small shops



  • 30 Days of Analytics
  • 10K Search Requests per Month
  • 10 Pin & Exclude Rules
  • Catalog Synchronization every 12h

Optimize your conversion rate


Everything in Basic plus

  • Unlimited Pin & Exclude Rules
  • 1mln Search Requests per Month
  • Realtime Catalog Synchronization
  • Unlimited Redirects

Push the limits


Everything in Growth plus

  • Dedicated Support
  • Advanced Personalization Rules
  • White-glove Service
  • Unlimited Search Requests


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