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Learn How To Implement A Personalized Shopping Experience To Optimize Conversions And Drive Revenue

Learn how to optimize your conversion rate, increase customers engagement with relevant product recommendations and how strategic product recommendations will decrease bounce rates and work as an automated salesman on your site.

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How to remove “Powered by Shopify” from your e-commerce website

As more and more Shopify merchants join our Visely Personalized Product Recommendations app it is quite interesting to see the different patterns of how they use Shopify as a platform, the workarounds they come up with to fix a business problem and the kind of customization to their website they want.

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Personalised Shopping Experience. When to start?

The purpose of this write-up here is to offer both a reasoning method and few tangible data points to facilitate the “add personalisation” decision. A lot has been said about personalisation over the course of the years, and currently, a simple google search for “personalised online shopping experience” yields hundreds of relevant results.

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Purchase Attribution in Product Recommendations

All purchase attribution rules have at their centre several events that are triggered by the visitors in regards to the product recommendations and the online store itself. These events are clicks on recommendations widgets, additions to cart and purchases. There is also the concept of attribution window.

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Making sense of Product Recommendation Widgets

One of the most frequently used widgets, Most Popular is based on ordering products within the store’s catalog or its subset by the number of times the products were purchased by the entire user base within a predefined, usually quite long, time frame. The time frame varies from 3 months to the entire lifespan of the store.

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How to Setup Product Recommendations

While helping our customers achieve the best possible results for their store’s conversion, we’ve observed that a lot of store owners have their own preferences when it comes to deciding which recommendation widgets to use on which pages.

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Customer Support that Works for Small Teams

As in any type of relationships, the first impression is what matters the most. Same goes for the customers that are installing your app or are using your service for the first time. Make the whole process fast, dynamic and visually engaging.

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