Visely was able to fulfill Evolution Slimming needs for customization driving an additional 8.3% in sales for complementary products. Customer engagement level grew by 206% leading to a stellar growth of 137% in conversion rate.


Evolution Slimming is a leading online retailer of health, fitness and weight management supplements selling to over 70 countries worldwide for more than 10 years. Their mission is to provide high quality nutritional supplements for everyone’s needs - helping people support their weight management goals in a natural, safe and easy way.


Upgrading the ecommerce system was vital for keeping ahead of the latest technologies and trends. After replatform they were keen to try various product recommendation technologies to help boost upsells and cross sells as many of their products can be combined or complement each other in a synergistic way.

Why Visely

Visely easy setup and seamless integration, but at the same time flexibility and functional complexity offered if need be are what Evolution Slimming team values the most. Zero-configuration Multi Variate Testing takes care of changes in catalog, trends, and seasonality, so the team can focus on core business activities and leave the rest to Visely.