It’s been two years since we launched Visely Product Recommendations. It has grown to a mature platform with lots of features and most importantly, happy clients.

During this time, we’ve been following closely what our customers need and what they ask. One of the things that was regularly mentioned is product search and filters.

As a store owner, you need to make sure your website visitors can find products they search. Search is an essential signal of buying intent. If you don’t provide a relevant result to a request, its highly unlikely your customers will resubmit it with a different search term. An irrelevant or slow search response is a missed sale.

That’s why we’ve built Visely Search. So that you never miss a sale again.

Powerful suggester

Visely Search offers a powerful predictive suggester that will recommend products based on what your customers type in the search box. With only a couple of letters, Visely Search infers the context and suggests terms and products the customer wants to buy.

Your search box has to be typo tolerant. With over 50% of the traffic coming from mobile devices, typo correction is of utmost importance. Even when your customers misspell the search term, you need to provide the best possible option, based on the terms your products contain.

That’s where Visely Search provides you the best tradeoff between typo tolerance and search accuracy.

Search filters

You inevitable end up with the problem of displaying products to your website visitors in the most sellable way, if you are selling more than 20–30 products.

As a store owner, you probably spent quite some time in categorization, tagging, and adding product variants to your catalog. With Visely Search, you will be able to leverage all this information.

Visely Search uses this data to provide the best possible search filters that will be visible on the search results page.

Not all collections and tags are created equal. If you would like to remove a collection from the filters, you can easily do it from the back office.

Visely Search seamlessly lets you add, remove, rename filters that are displayed on the search results page.

Product Pinning

If you would like to pin or promote products specific results positions for particular search terms, Visely Search provides you with the option of product pinning.

It’s an easy way to control and override default relevancy. Perfect for promoting a product for specific keywords. Similarly, you can remove a product from search results, all seamlessly from the same menu option.


Search provides you with great insights on what your customers intend to buy. With Visely Search Analytics dashboard, you will be able to be on top of it. Most popular search terms, no results terms, most converting products, and other stats will help you to understand and take action on your data.

Available Statistics


Visely Search works seamlessly with Visely Product Recommendations. If you want to have an end-to-end personalization platform, install both of our apps. Our search will give your customers personalized results based on their past purchases and personal preferences. Visely Product Recommendations will accompany your website visitor on every step of their website visit, offering recommendations, cross-sell or upsells on viewed pages. Having this extensive personalized experience will decrease bounce rates, increase average order value, and ultimately, the revenue of your store. Using both of our apps will make your account eligible for a discount.

Next Steps

Our app release marks an important milestone that our team achieved this year. We are very proud of our product and really hope you will like it. In the upcoming months, we will continue to improve it, and we would like to have your opinion of it.

Install our app on Shopify platform.

For those of you who are running and ecommerce store on a different platform, we will be releasing a public API soon. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay in touch!