Disclaimer: The purpose of this content is to help merchants familiarize with some of the aspects of to CCPA. It is not, and should not be, considered a legal advice. If you have questions about how the CCPA applies to you, please reach out to a lawyer or privacy professional.

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) was signed into law in the summer of 2018, and comes into effect as of January 1, 2020.

The new regulation essentially reshapes the way businesses are allowed to collect and process personal information obtained from California residents.

Is my business affected?

Though we cannot give you legal advice about which laws might apply to your business, here are some conditions that you can use to assess whether your business is subject to the CCPA.

What steps Visely took to be CCPA compliant?

As CCPA is coming to effect following the introduction of GDPR in the spring of 2019, most of the processes and internal policies Visely is based on are already in place and have been redesigned to comply with the new regulations.

Which data Visely collects?

Visely records what device your customer used to access your site, what they clicked on when they were on your site, what they purchased, and a hashed (encrypted) version of their IP address. Visely may also collect customer’s first name and email in order to be able to provide personalized in-mail recommendations if the merchant has subscribed to this feature.

Does Visely sell any data to third parties?

​No, we do not sell or share or give access to any data we have collected.

As a merchant, how can I manage data Visely collects?

Visely is a service provider for merchants running their e-commerce stores on Shopify/Shopify Plus platform. For all merchants, Shopify provides a set of tools to automate and ease the process of data deletion as well as the fulfilling of data access requests originating from their customers. Visely is fully compliant with Shopify requirements and has all the required hooks in place (the hooks are used for both GDPR and CCPA requests)